South Hants Model Railway Club

Web site task list


  • // Fix permalink base
  • Style single post page in Elementor
  • Create event page in Elementor
  • Load events in new format
    • Create locations
  • // Create new display block for event listings
    • Keep old code for reference!!
  • // Fix post listing styling for home page
  • // Fix headline sizes
  • Make decision on social media links
  • Add filtered event list for all layout pages
  • Add three filtered event lists to Events page
    • Use same lists on Club Layouts and Members Layouts pages
    • Tidy up text in the page heading
  • Look at adding next club exhibition info as a permanent item on home page
  • Look through imported templates for style changes
    • Rationalize as needed
  • Check what happened to tint behind overlay text on the page top images
  • Restore favicon


  • // Fix SHAG image
  • // Fix Peter Ashley fonts
  • Change email for all Dave H layouts
  • // Restore Brentford Riverside changes
  • Widley & St George image and page layout (carousel and video missing)


  • News item on Westcliff at 50
  • News item on 2022 exhibition appearances
  • Retrospective for 2022 expo
  • Setup pages for 2023 expo
  • Chase missing info on layouts