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Kitedale - A terminus set in the west Pennine foot hills

Kitedale by Ray Hodson (4mm scale, P4 gauge)

Kitedale - a transformation

Until April 2017 this layout was called Kitehouses, as exhibited by Dave Hawkins and Tony Sullivan (and me sometimes) for some nine years.

The location has been moved from the North East to Lancashire, to become an ex Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway terminus to the north of Rochdale, with a connection to the Oldham Loop Line. Kitedale is the passenger terminus but the line continues to a Paper Mill, Quarry and Industry goods only line. The period is late fifties – early sixties, the final years of steam and the start of diesels and DMUs.

About the new layout

The model will be developed to include building and structures that match the ex L&Y situation, but to start with the main progress has been to add new fiddle yards, a new back scene of the Pennines, the repainting of the structures from North Eastern colours to LMR Maroon plus the change of locomotives and rolling stock.

Exhibition Managers Notes

Contact: Ray Hodson

  • Model: 16ft 6in by 2ft 0in including fiddle yards
  • Space required: 18ft 6in by 6 ft 6in, including operator  and access space
  • Operated from front
  • Layout style: Diorama with built in lighting; track height is approximately 4ft
  • Power: the layout requires power to the controls and lights/display at a central position, plus a spur for stock maintenance and repairs, both standard mains 13A square pin plugs
  • One table and two chairs required for stock maintenance
  • Barriers: are not required
  • Four operators
  • Setting up: 2 hours to erect and test, 1.5 hours to dismantle
  • Insurance: the layout without stock is valued at £1,000; stock as provided for each show will be listed on a separate sheet – an outline value for initial insurance planning is £5,000 for stock
  • Transport: fuel for two cars

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Where to see Kitedale

No exhibition appearances currently booked